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Travel with us/How it works

At AFRICASAFARI.IN, I create & execute an exclusive & luxurious safari experience to enable you to witness the drama of the African wilderness unfolding before your eyes.

AFRICASAFARI.IN welcomes you to experience a rare and unique combinations: Africa’s most iconic locations, its geography, history, culture & traditions, wilderness and elevated level of exceptional hospitality, seldom found anywhere else on earth.

For an experience, which is truly moving and exhilarating, profound and mystical, my exclusively executed, customized safari to the wondrous parts of the world, which is ‘only Africa’ will prove to be the most memorable adventure of your lifetime.

The soul of Africa is calling… there is magic unfolding deep in the heart of the bush… experience a luxury safari holiday in Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia & Rwanda.

I carefully recommend the exotic locations suiting to your time of travel, budget and interests, in private reserves or national parks, where the safari experience, understated luxury of the camps, gourmet meals, unparalleled and infectious enthusiasm & expertise of the guides, bespoke tour leading for your stressfree travel and comforts. All value for money.

You will return having with you in your mind and heart, an exhilarated experienced and an enchanting piece of AFRICA.

Why ?

Let us talk about some benefits working with me …

  • ONLY AFRICA focused. Specialist and edge over others.
  • I think I’am born on a wrong continent. Passionately in love with Africa & highly motivated. Focus helps me staying fresh and connected with ‘now’ of Africa, customizing your travel plans making them truly memorable. My executed safaris come with a warning: “What you are about to experience may become addictive, you will definitely get hooked up with nature and start exploring & discovering your own self !” My aim is to continually push the boundaries of fun, adventure, knowledge, excitement and fulfillment throughout your safari adventure.
  • Wildlifer & Biodiversity conversationalist. Understanding of wildlife / safari and optimizing.
  • Studied Biodiversity conservation at BNHS, Mumbai. One of the oldest and most reputed natural history society in India.
  • Naturalist & Environmentalist.
  • In theme with the destination and helps chalk out bespoke itineraries giving exhilarating experience to my clients.
  • Volunteer and understanding of animal behavior.
  • Have volunteered for wild cats conservation in Africa and have lived with wild cats for their rehabilitation program.
  • Always updated and in latest know how of the bush. Almost a professional safari guide.
  • Spend maximum time understanding wildlife and bush life management. Studied professional safari guiding and at par with international standards.
  • Wildlife photographer & capturing life long memories.
  • Studied photography at CEPT University. Extensive experience in Wildlife, Nature, Landscape photography including night and time lapse both in still and video.
  • Experience – Traveled extensively – understanding the destination like the back of my hand.
  • Since 2007, have escorted many FITs and GITs from pax size 7 to 40 and at various instances. Client’s age : 3 months to ~90 years old. At times also physically challenged.
  • First Aid and emergency handling.
  • Studied First Aid and CPR & certified by St. John’s Ambulance. Have handled quite a few medical emergencies during the trips.
  • Fitness freak. Practicing Complementary & Alternative medicine (CAM) / Natural healthcare.
  • Communication skills
  • Fluency in English. Talkative, motivational and always willing to share. Understanding destination languages – Kiswahili, Africans …
  • Tour Managerial skills
  • Maintaining accurate trip accounts as tour manager with reporting in standard formats and complete transparency in work responsibilities and executions.
  • Esteem and reputed one point contact – local support.
  • 24×7 support for any and every matter related to the trip; pre, during & post the trip. (Clients have been calling me for some information even after 6-7 years of their trip and they get prompt and satisfactory reply)
  • Never a competition.
  • I’am not a Travel Agent and never will to be one.
  • Hence NO client hacking – nope not interested.
  • Deal only in one destination and that’s Africa. It is most likely not a repeat destination (business). (Well for most of the visitors).
  • Alliance for exhilarating solutions and a win-win strategy.
  • Travel Agent’s forte is booking while my forte is tour leading. Perfect combination of synergies.
  • FIT / GIT / MICE / Special (Destination) / THEMES
  • efficient group handling with special requirements.
  • Product Development assistance to Travel Agent & Social Media content provider (on request)
  • Work experience with many Travel Agent’s, Destination Marketing Companies & Tourism Boards.
  • Freelancer and hence flexible.
  • No strings attached. Frank advice with un-biased opinion and services.
  • Strong believer of Value for Money. Budgetary skills. Comforts & Luxury.
  • Living lifestyles of all walks of life. Culture + Tradition.
  • Foodie. Loves food and culinary experiences. Making clients comfortable.
  • No inter Travel Agent goof-ups in itinerary shopping. Purely on merits.
  • Contact point for SIC consortium in case of very small group. Internal / cross marketing.
  • Creatively experimental / out of the box / Value addition. Unique, different & intelligent itineraries.
  • Excellent client’s feedback. Want clients to experience Africa. Strive for strong referral business for Travel Agents and complete customer satisfaction.
  • Cost effective and much much better freelance tour manager / tour leader & travel assistant.

Limited obligations. Flexible scope of work.

Retainer ship or Job specific assignment commitments.

Our passion for Africa will infuse your safari and you will return with a magical, mystical experience etched in your mind forever.