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In one phrase, if I have to answer, what I offer ? ; its "exhilarating solutions" !

My sheer passion is the driving force behind this venture. I would love to see that you experience Africa to the fullest and create a permanent space for Africa in your minds and hearts.

Suiting to the best requirements of my clients, I vary my scope of services, right from initial consultancy to post-tour support.

Along with working as Tour Consultant, my role extends as a freelance Africa specialist Tour Leader, social media marketing (SMM) content provider, assistant product developer and an aggressive and efficient marketing representative.

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My Services

AFRICASAFARI.IN chalks and executes tailor-made itineraries for your ultimate safari experience.

It starts with the consultancy, where, I understand your interests and preferences, the group size, approximate price tag you would wish to spend for this experience and the convenient dates of travel along with the span of travel. Based on your inputs and subsequent interactions, I suggest the most coveted and 'value for money' itinerary - your bucket list, dream holidays. Absolutely personalised.

The second stage involves the process of booking your flights, surface arrangements, accommodations, excursions and activities. This is typically the role of a travel agent. I am constantly informed and updated about the locations and wildlife conservation work in Africa. It helps me select the best possible options for you.

Once the itinerary is booked, it's time for execution. This is very much my forte and I strongly recommend my clients to opt for this option while working with me. I am quite often, hired by reputed and well-known tour companies, as a freelance tour manager for this unique and superior qualities. I am just not your tour leader or tour escort but am a lot more, and more as your safari friend, who is there always to bring our the best of your experience. The testimonials speaks a lot more about these qualities.

My services doesn't end here. I also go a long way to assist my clients for post-tour support.

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My Recommended Locations and Camps

The camps I recommend are renowned for their intimacy, luxury and most importantly for the highest quality of guiding and its strategic locations.

The guides passionately impart an incomparable wealth of knowledge, personally experienced, about habitats, ecology, birds, trees, plants, animals and insects providing you with memorable wilderness experiences to last for a lifetime. You will realise that the quality of the guiding at the camps I recommend is the most important component of making your safari a magical, mystical experience.

Properties are clean, hygienic, safe, comfortable and in line with the clients budget and preferences with special requirements.

Exquisite meals, intense game drives and fabulous views where you can feel, and be one, with the rhythm of Africa.

My recommended camps are renowned for their professional guiding, adventure and elegance, located in timelessly unspoiled settings with panoramic views and boundless game.

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