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AFRICASAFARI.IN, is dedicated and committed to giving you a mystical African safari experience.

Because of their intense passion for the wonderful sights, sounds and smells of Africa, with its magical game, diverse habitats and stunning natural beauty, it encouraged them for this endeavour. They offer their exclusive services to you, an opportunity to experience the beauty and magic of Africa. Their safaris embraces the values of exclusivity, luxury and excellence, outdone perhaps, by the sheer beauty of the destinations and its wildlife ! Being a naturalist and a wildlife photographer, it enhances this experience and is quite obviously reflected in their client's testimonials.

AFRICASAFARI.IN's goal is to ensure that you just not enjoy your vacation, like any other. But, you experience and enjoy being closest to the nature, to our very own existence and be an Eco-sensitive global citizen. Enthusiastically, they share the most updated facts, advice and guide you through the myriad choices of selecting your ideal safari. Using extensive local knowledge and expertise, they design for you, an ideal tailor made tour at the best cost. Artistically, exclusively for you, they create customised, a luxury / budget / camping / specific / educational or a leisure safari experience and because of which, you will be infused with the rhythm of Africa, ready to go back, again and again.

Founder, Mr. MALAV SHAH, is passionately in love with Africa, its wilderness, game parks and safaris. He has travelled extensively, individually and with groups, time and again, to Kenya, Tanzania including Zanzibar, South Africa, and Zambia as well as into the interiors of African continent.

First-hand experience of each region's game parks and safaris; in-depth knowledge of its special game, flora and fauna, including culinary (food) and local spoken language go a long way in helping them design a bespoke itinerary for you. Their experience and expertise will be completely at your disposal. It will provide objective views on the safaris in each country, enabling you to select the perfect safari destination in Africa. Providing you with ultimate value proposition and bespoke experience.

Their infectious enthusiasm for pure, untamed wilderness, that is Africa; will spur you to go on an awesome safari. TWENDE !!! ('let's go' in Kiswahilli)


Hi ! Let me share with you my real life experience :

“It was in the year 2007, that I was planning to take holidays with my family and friends to East Africa. I was completely awestruck and inclined to experience sheer excellence of flora and fauna on this Earth and Africa being the best place to do so. Planning of the trip was a nightmare to me as it took loads of my quality time and still wasn't sure of the best. With all agents speaking different commercial languages and lack of correct and latest information, made it quite difficult.

Trip started with a bad note of having lost all my check-in luggage, somewhere on the way, when I reached the final destination in Tanzania. Worst it was, to manage it in the third world country and with a completely strange language. Luckily, after 48 hours of hunger, anxiety and restlessness, flying back to Nairobi, Kenya, I could get hold of it, thankfully intact. It was our dream vacation, a vacation we were eagerly looking forward to since years, and let me tell you, it was going to make a reasonably good hole in my pocket.

I had tried to plan it in the best way and within the available means and resources. As a fact, perfect planning and execution alongside a highly qualified and experienced driver-guide drastically elevates the tour experience. I was trying hard to get all the pieces of the puzzle in place. Luckily, I got hold of this silver certified driver guide whose name was Kim and was a gem of a person. One amongst just a handful qualified available then.

We had an amazing experience. Parks, Lodges, People, Culture, Nature, Animals, Food, … everything. As if, we lived in paradise for those days. Something so unusual and fascinating that there was always a conflict between my mind and heart, as none could believe each other. Indeed it turned out to be one of the best vacations we had and life time memories we cherish. Even after years and very often, it’s always fun to see the slide show and movie we took, only, not to finish it till the end, as we slip into our dreams of being there even now. It surely did change me and changed me in a big way; my outlook and approach of understanding and appreciating the surroundings. I was a different person on return, and was carrying forever a little bit of Africa always, in my mind and heart.

Along with those memories, I can still see that curious face of Kim, staring at me in surprise as to how do you know so much of these locations and spotting of game, despite of being a novice, and even where a highly qualified person can’t.

I had started sharing my stories of the trip and went on to hear similar experiences from fellow travellers on return. Very soon, I could realise that they too had a perfectly planned trip, very well priced, absolutely thrilled with the African experience, but, something was missing, drastically. All of them had visited Africa, but did not see/know/understand real Africa. Visa stamps on their passports and faint memories with some clicks, was all, what was left, as the time moved on. The reason was, they all had been to Africa, but had not LIVED their moments in Africa. The meaningful change in them, post their visit, was a big miss.

This is when, I got highly motivated and www.AfricaSafari.IN was born. A promise with dedication to provide a complete and professional exhilarating solution … To make people know, feel, understand the flora, fauna, the very existence of this earth, surroundings and to discover ones own-self. A commitment to nature, to the god's creation, to make my clients understand, appreciate and conserve the beauty, experience it and take back with them on return, a little piece of Africa in their heads and heart, to cherish it for their lifetime, just as I did once and do it every time, while in Africa.

With the foundation of purpose laid strong, my subsequent visits to South Africa taught me the professionalism of executing the wonderful safari experience. Highly accurate and systematic approach to address innumerable topics and learning highest standards of professional skills. To add loads of value to the itinerary, to plan and execute safari, par excellence.

I was completely hooked on to the idea and later went on to acquire other and advanced professionals skills and qualifications, striving to make it better and better. It has gone into an endless loop and so I do it even today, every minute. My clients, who I consider as my safari friends, have been a great asset to me, making me to learn a lot, while spending some quality time with them in the bush.

With all the experiences behind me, I stand today, waiting to be your safari rafiki. (rafiki means a friend in Kswahili)”

~ Mr. Malav Shah.