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AFRICASAFARI.IN, is dedicated to giving you a mystical & customised African safari experience. My intense passion for the wonderful sights, sounds and smells of Africa with its magical game, diverse habitats and stunning natural beauty encouraged me for this endevour; I offer my exclusive services to you, an opportunity to experience the beauty and magic of Africa. My safari embraces the values of exclusivity, luxury and excellence, outdone perhaps, by the sheer beauty of the destinations and wildlife! Being a naturalist and a wildlife photographer, it enhances this experience and becomes quite obvious to my clients through their testimonials. AFRICASAFARI.IN's goal is to see to it that you just not enjoy your vacation, like any other, but you experience and enjoy being closest to the nature, to our very existence and be an eco-sensitive global citizen. Enthusiastically I share the most updated facts, advice and guide you through the myriad choices to select your ideal safari. Using extensive local knowledge and expertise, I design for you the ideal tour at the best cost.


Pretour and on tour assistance – All great, excellent.

“Pre-tour and on tour assistance – All great, excellent.”

Nirav Shah (Businessman, Life Goal Dreamer & Achiever)

Well organized. Quite memorable…

“Well organised. Quite memorable. Overall tour coordination – very good. One stop help & solution provider, no tension, leisure with luxury.”

Rita (School Principal) & Rajan Mehta (Architect)

Loved everyday in Africa…

“Loved everyday in Africa. Absolutely hassle free. For a group as big as ours, you were patient and very helpful.”

Sandhya Anantani (Management : Pyramid Foreign Education)

Very good. Excellent.

Good fellow. Having good knowledge of African continent. Helping nature. Always within his limits. Needs to be a strict leader to follow itinerary, day to day activities.

Dr. HITESH J. JARIWALA, Surat, India. South Africa.

Like an artist, I create a customized, exclusive luxury / budget / camping / specific / educational / leisure safari experience and you will be infused with the rhythm of Africa ready to go back again and again.

I, the founder Mr. MALAV SHAH, is passionately in love with Africa, its wilderness, game parks and safaris. I have traveled extensively individually and with groups to Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, South Africa, and Zambia as well as into the interiors of Africa.

Having first-hand experience of each region's game parks and safaris, and in-depth knowledge of its special game, flora and fauna, including cullinary (food) and local spoken language. My experience and expertise will provide objective views on the safaris in each country to enable you to select the perfect safari destination in Africa.

My infectious enthusiasm for the pure, untamed wilderness that is Africa will spur you to go on safari. TWENDE !!! ('let's go' in Kiswahilli)


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