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What I Offer

KEY FUNCTIONAL AREAS : Skill set : Experience; passionate; responsible; fast learner; peoples skills; enthusiast; high energy; visionary; target achiever; fun loving; particular & punctual; ready to help; strong team player; adventure traveler; problem solver; go getter

  • Tour Leader / Manager
    Key skills : organized; flexible; out-going; good sense of humor; interact with people; trust winner; young at heart; high level of customer service & satisfaction; leadership skills; up-to-date; well read; day-to-day guide; interpreter; manager; poise under unpredictable & stressful circumstances; work for odd & long hours; following schedules and occasionally changes as per circumstances; making and confirming reservations; assist travelers on itineraries, optional activities, meals / culinary, ground transfers & souvenirs; maintaining daily expenditure & budget accounts, trip notes in standardized format & reporting; delegating; provide assistance and coordinating with the company offices and staff; understanding ethology; biodiversity conversationalist; First Aid & CPR; region specific language; naturalist; destination focused; entertainer; opportunity seeker and executor; attention to details; excellent communication skills; sharing knowledge
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) content provider / SEO
    Key skills : wildlife & nature / landscape photographer; team work; computer skills; SM Marketing skills; understanding & handling of various platforms of SMM; story teller; blogger; result oriented; time management; hash tagging and linking skills
  • Product Developer
    Key skills : Destination insights; contact developer; business & product developer; cost analysis in marketing; competent; assessing client needs; understanding product mix; following value addition module; properties & service provider recce; negotiating skills, eco & meaningful tourism
  • Marketing Representation
    Key skills : target audience marketing; research and analysis; market capitalization; innovation; selling and distribution; trade fare participation; franchisee and market development

My Services

AFRICASAFARI.IN executes tailor-made itineraries for your ultimate safari experience.On the go, I understand your interests and preferences, the group size, approximate price tag you would wish to give to this tour and the convenient dates of travel. Based on inputs from you, I suggest the most coveted and value for money itinerary – your bucket list, dream holidays.I differentiate myself from any other travel agency / tour operator in quite a big way. While travel agency’s / tour operator’s main profile is to book your flights, surface arrangements, accommodations and excursions and their business model is also based on these bookings, AFRICASAFARI.IN works as a specialist, reputed and experienced, ‘only Africa’ tour consultant / tour leader or tour escort, destination focused expert, who believes in giving you an awesome experience and where the business model is the consultation and being your fellow safarian in the African bush. Giving you that live experience. I can still however, (only on request), do the bookings with reputed counterparts in Africa. But, believe me, I try to stay away from this for my complete transparent work style and to focus on my niche – which is to give you the most memorable experience in Africa. In short, my clients benefit much more in comparison to the standard tour packages and my forte is post the bookings done by most tour agencies / travel companies. That is also one good reason why I love to work with various domestic / international, ethical travel agencies / tour operators as they excel in bookings while I master in delivery and execution.Once and employing AFRICASAFARI.IN for planning & execution of your tour, all you do is to relax and stay away from all the botheration except for giving important and occasional inputs. My Pre, on Tour and Post tour support will make your African experience, up close and personal, a memory to cherish forever.

My Recommended Locations and Camps

The camps I recommend are renowned for their intimacy, luxury and most importantly for the highest quality of guiding and its strategic locations.

The guides passionately impart an incomparable wealth of knowledge, personally experienced, about habitats, ecology, birds, trees, plants, animals and insects providing you with memorable wilderness experiences to last for a lifetime. You will realize that the quality of the guiding at the camps I recommend is the most important component of making your safari a magical, mystical experience.

Properties are clean, hygenic, safe, comfortable and in line with the clients budget and preferences with special requirements.

Exquisite meals, intense game drives and fabulous views where you can feel, and be one, with the rhythm of Africa.

My recommended camps are renowned for their professional guiding, adventure and elegance, located in timelessly unspoiled settings with panoramic views and boundless game.