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Swahili and English are the major languages. Kenyans however speak a myriad of other languages as there exists about 42 tribes. The locals also get into various slang to make it unique and bit difficult even to apprehend even for locals.

Common words :
Jambo                    Hello
Habari yako ?       How are you ?
Asante                   Thank you
Tafadhali               Please
Kwaheri                 Bye

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For a vacation, holiday, safari or leisure, bring light to moderate casual wear such as cargo pants, jeans, cotton shirts and the like. The dress code in Kenyan culture is conservative. Also, many Kenyans adhere to different cultural, religious and customary dress styles. Jeans and decent tops / blouses for ladies are perfect. If you are going for business, you can keep it business-casual; however, business suits, tie and formal wear are preferred. Swimsuits are acceptable at the beach but not in public places. Evening wear : Kenyans dress up for the special occasions; for a night in the club, to church, to sporting and other events or out for a simple dinner. In some restaurants and clubs, you will probably be fine wearing shorts and t-shirts, but if you are considering dining at one of the more up-scale restaurants or having a social night out, you may want to show off your nicer clothing and join the party !


Kenyans are very humble, friendly and social people. Hand-shaking is a cultural greeting gesture and you are always welcome to strike a conversation with the person next to you. Like in all countries, always remember to respect local customs and culture and you will certainly enjoy a pleasant relationship with other people.